Tahe Outdoors' kayak rental solution

Tahe Outdoors has launched a new kayak rental solution!

Tahe Outdoors is offering everything you need for starting your own kayak rental business. The package includes a kayak hotel, all the necessary kayaks, paddling gear and a mobile rental app. Kayak hotel is a perfect solution for keeping your kayaks safe, weatherproof and for making the renting out easy for customers and yourself. Tahe Outdoors offers a wide variety of kayaks and canoes suitable for your business' location. The paddling gear includes everything you'll need for kayaking - paddles, safety gear, buoyancy aids, sprayskirts etc. The mobile rental app enables to handle payments and manage the whole rental process. 

How will you make a profit? You'll pay flat fee for every kayak set on a monthly basis. To make the payment, you will only have to rent out each kayak set for 8 hours a month! All hours that exceed this time will start earning you additional revenue. If you rent out 20 kayak for 3 hours a day, you can earn up to 800€ a day and 24,000€ a month! At the end of each season, you can sell all the used kayaks and Tahe Outdoors will send new and up-to-date rental fleet for the new season. 

New potential kayak rental business managers:

Camping/tourist bases
- Hotels
- Watersport centres
- Beaches
- Paddling schools
- Sport centres

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